A great time for distribution services in Indonesia. 

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Indonesian media outlets are calling it “a great day” for the distribution service, saying the city that is known for being famous for its traffic jams has finally found a way to tackle it.

Cox Services, a unit of Singapore’s AP Media and Telecom Group, says it has delivered over 250,000 parcels in the city of Jakarta since it launched services in October, delivering more than 28,000 packages on New Year’s Day alone.

The unit says it aims to deliver one package every 20 seconds on New Year’s Day and plans to increase its daily deliveries to 100,000 over the next few months.

“The general concern in the city is how to solve the massive traffic jams during peak hours, and our service has been found effective in alleviating the congestion,” said Hendry Sabiro, who works at Cox Services.

There’s been a shortage of vans in Jakarta in recent months, and Cox Services has imported 50 vans to help improve its delivery services, while introducing more services to offer more delivery options.

The mayor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, said the city is making great efforts to ensure public safety during the holiday period.

“I have heard that there are some people who believe there’s a service that delivers packages for free, but this is not true,” he said.

“So, if you have a package that you want to deliver on New Year’s Day, go and deliver it for free. That way, we can reduce the chaos on the roads and encourage people to spend more time with their families,” he said.

Risks of giving packages away

Businesses in Jakarta are already making use of such services in order to make sure their deliveries are made on time.

Lendina Janarniarni of Bangs Entertainment, which sells light-up toys and products, said the delivery service has made it easier to order for the upcoming holidays.

She said there are always fears that delivery companies will run out of supplies, and they wouldn’t have enough time to deliver the packages during the holidays.

“Last year, there were lots of accidents and traffic jams because of an influx of deliveries. Because of this, we don’t want that this holiday season will be chaotic for everyone,” she said.

The packages that are given to the delivery company are protected by insurance, and she says some companies have offered an insurance premium of about $10 as a premium for every package that is delivered.

According to media reports, several people have filed complaints against delivery companies for violating safety regulations.

There are about 1,500 registered delivery companies in Jakarta, with about 600 having more than 100 vehicles.

With more than 250 million people living in the capital city, according to a 2009 estimate, Jakarta faces severe problems with traffic congestion.

Critics say it is impossible to find a parking space in many areas during peak hours, while some say authorities should take measures to reduce the high demand of driving cars in Jakarta.

Some people have argued that although people are paid by companies to deliver packages for the New Year’s holidays, they should not be paid to deliver parcels for the entire month of January.

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Veggie Truck Preparation

cargo Indonesia

I wanted to share a little more about my last article about running my veggie powered big rig around the US for 200k mile on 100% recycled vegetable oil savaged from cooking vats in restaurants.

The first real information I explored about veggie powered diesel engines was from a website: greasecar.com. They are a company who help people understand and implement plans to convert diesel engines to use recycled vegetable oil.

It is interesting that the person this engine is named after Rufolf Diesel who was a contemporary of Thomas Edison originally designed the engine to run on renewable resources namely peanut oil for farmers to use in the fields.

Greasecar really is a supplier of part for people to do their own conversions. They did refer me to a man who has a company called Smarter Fuel, Dave Dunham of Pa. He had personally done several conversions for commercial vehicles but his main roll is to collect and process used veggie oil to make fuel. I contacted Dave Dunham to help do my conversion since I am no mechanic and at the time was driving all over the country in my big rig.

This was a new frontier for us since very few people have attempted such a thing. Imagine a big rig driving 3 to 4 thousand miles a week at about 6 miles to the gallon. That is a lot of fuel, especially since there are no fuel pumps at truck stops along the freeways that offer veggie oil as fuel. Some of the significant issues were a large enough and convenient supply of this wonderful alternative fuel; extra storage on the truck since it would be longer between fill ups; and the mystery of how the fuel would perform under normal driving conditions of a big rig.

I am not one to get discouraged easily especially since I saw the potential savings. The largest expense any trucking company has is the cost of fuel. There is some money to be made trucking but there is a very high overhead of costs associated with it. Can you imagine saving $1.00 to $1.50 on each gallon of fuel used, knowing that a truck like that goes through 500 to 600 gallons a week for single driver, more if it a team of drivers and I was a trainer at the time I started. I saw 3 big steps to take to accomplish the goal of using recycled veggie oil as my primary fuel driving the big rig. The 3 steps were first; extra storage capacity – extra tanks installed on the vehicle, second; doing the actual conversion – it would cost $500 and probably a week of down time, third; engineering my route to get to my source of fuel every week for a fill up. cara cek ongkos kirim

I first went to a salvage yard in Texas and found two 150 gallon tanks that I had room to install on the truck frame behind the two original 100 gallon tanks and I had them installed. I also got two 60 gallon plastic barrels that I strapped to the catwalk just behind the cab. That gave me a total storage capacity of a little over 600 gallons of fuel. I designated one tank to keep diesel fuel in since I still needed to start and stop on diesel fuel since the veggie oil needed to be heated before it when in the engine. For the third step I engineered through my company a dedicated run up and down the east coast so I could regularly get to eastern Pennsylvania where Dave and Smarter Fuel were located. With this much fuel storage I could get down to Fla. where my home is, and back with a single fill up. Finally, I scheduled some time when Dave could do the conversion. It was helpful that his father owned a small trucking company and he let me drive for him during the week my truck was being converted so I wouldn’t have to go without pay for a whole week.

I first got the idea in about January of 2005. I bought the used truck a 2000 Freightliner Century in May of 2005. I found Dave Dunham and Smarter Fuel about June and started using his fuel blended up to 50% for some experimental runs. All went well so I wanted to proceed. I installed the extra tanks in August. I remember that because I was in east Texas and northern Louisiana during hurricane Katrina. November of 2005 I had my conversion done so I was up and running with in before Dec. of that year.

That is enough for now, I am confident there will be other installments.

What Do Consumers Actually Want From Digital Signage Advertising?

Late assessment drove by Kinetic Panel gives fascinating information into the inclinations for buyers when they work together with digital signage publicizing.  Much is said about digital publicizing being an ‘flat out need has’ for associations, yet there’s practically no discussion about what it truly means for client direct.

In any case, Kinetic Panel’s assessment is however restoring as it seems to be persuading, gathering huge information from the people that issue most to associations, the customers!

How is digital advancing influencing purchasers?

what is digital signage

Dynamic Panel’s assessment included asking 1,000 clients what they were looking for subsequent to seeing an external digital signage show. Practically one-fifth (19%) of those asked said that they searched for more information about the thing, organization or experience being advanced. This extended to 24% among a more young fragment (18 – long haul olds).

Unusually, 23% of the more young portion had downloaded an adaptable application in the wake of audit an outside digital signage notice, differentiated and just 1 out of 10 adults.

It ought not stun anybody then that the more young age will by and large discuss more with a digital pennant than the more settled age.

Regardless, as shown by the assessment, one technique that supporters could use to fix this and show up at a more prominent measure of the more prepared section is to develop the charm of digital standards by giving ‘region unequivocal information.’

The investigation found that region unequivocal information is what adults most yearning from digital standards. Generally 48% of the 1000 investigation individuals said environment invigorates were for the most part appealing.  A further 38% said digital signage should feature transport invigorates; this extended to half among research individuals developed some place in the scope of 55 and 64.  Additionally, 29% said they should see more shrewd way discovering courses of action in open territories, 32% said new updates would be significant and 30% said that information on close by events would be helpful.  Around a fourth of respondents said that, to make digital signage more ‘significant’, they could feature a battery charging port for cells. This could work for advertisers since it may really improve standing events.

what is digital signage? Dynamic Panel’s investigation further separates direct retail benefits as an opportunity to help the ability of digital pennants, particularly when you consider that 1 of each 10 of their assessment respondents said they would shop direct from a digital signage show.  Truth is told, practically 33% of 25 to long haul olds predict having the choice to buy direct from a digital signage system later on.

Business Video Animation Is Essential For Everyone

Business video animation makes it simple to circulate significant and clever data about a company or item to an enormous crowd. The issue with articles is that they are hard to pass on any genuine feeling that a brand needs to show to its clients, however with a video it is much more straightforward. The best video SEO techniques to utilize can change contingent upon what is the issue here, yet there is no uncertainty that videos are similarly just about as viable as articles with regards to getting openness and recognition with web indexes and web traffic. There is no genuine limitation on what be the issue here, as long as it advances what is the issue here and gives the viewer motivation to continue to watch, it will handily accomplish huge credibility through the forces of web-based media, something that has gotten perhaps the best advertising procedures of this century.

custom animated video is tied in with making engaging and instructive videos for customers and clients to acquire understanding into an item or administration, in spite of the fact that there are acceptable and terrible approaches to create such videos, similarly likewise with articles. Utilizing proficient business video animation companies is fundamental to advance the videos purpose else it will frequently demonstrate an exercise in futility. The conspicuous preferred position of utilizing a video for SEO designs is that there are such countless websites utilizing articles that videos champion and present for clients more, giving a company more regard and credibility. There is no damage with utilizing articles and web crawlers actually use them more than anything to discover fitting websites, however having noteworthy videos will consistently be a huge benefit to internet searcher recognition.

A couple of quality videos that contain the entirety of the vital data should be possible in minutes with the correct heading, which is the reason it is in every case best to utilize industry specialists who realize how to make the ideal video for any particular. Ensuring these videos stay current and instructive is vital when dispatching any web-based media crusade since individuals like to stay up with the latest and engaged, else they will essentially lose interest, and when they do traffic and popularity of a brand will endure definitely. Videos additionally make it simple for individuals to leave remarks and that is one of the key variables. Allowing individuals to tell their sentiments frequently gives a company important free criticism that would somehow cost cash. The more web-based media stages a video arrives at the better, with more individuals seeing videos that implies more return visitors to an item and deals should increment dramatically if business video animation is done accurately and productively. Having a decent video introduction gives clients more faith in a brand making them far likelier to go through cash and to keep going through cash indefinitely, just for the expense of a couple of videos!

Cash, Movie Tickets, Free Lunches – Do They Help In Employee Advocacy?

A huge allure of employee promotion originates from the idea that an employee’s message will be seen with vastly more trust. Why? Since we feel that an employee would not spread the great word about his/her item or administration except if the sentiments were certifiable.

Be that as it may, what happens when we boost our employees with remunerations and gifts to become brand advocates? There are pundits who accept that financially boosting employees as a feature of an employee promotion activity will disintegrate trust. Furthermore, it is not difficult to perceive any reason why. Prizes, motivators and prizes could then turn into the essential and on occasion, the solitary intention behind an employee’s commendation for the organization. These motivating forces would challenge the honesty of the employee’s backing.

A valid example

At the point when an Indian IT Services supplier with a headcount of 150+ dispatched their employee promotion program prior in the year, they were anxious to get the greatest number of employees onboard. In this way, the administration offered free film tickets, power bank among others as remunerations for the most dynamic brand advocates. The substance for social sharing by advocates was likewise not arranged and all employees were offered admittance to the whole substance.

Pulled in by the prizes, a decent number of employee onboarding automation transformed into brand advocates via web-based media, however the outcome was not exactly acceptable. There was enormous scope sharing of all the substance by numerous employees, which very raised the thought that some employee advocates are not truly keen on advancing their image, yet were simply spamming their organization with brand substance to guarantee the prizes.

Does this sound familiar to you?

So at that point, can a business run a fruitful employee promotion program without fiscally boosting the labor force?

Indeed, it is extreme, however it is undoubtedly conceivable.

Encourage a positive work environment culture

Employees are headed to actually advertise their organization when there is a positive workplace that values their commitment and urges employees to share their perspectives in a transparent air.

83% of employees say that acknowledgment for commitments was more satisfying than remunerations and endowments.

Source – A recent report by Badgeville, a US-based business gamification organization

Additionally, organizations that have effectively figured out how to transform their employees into energetic brand diplomats have done as such by making societies that intently coordinate an employee’s self-improvement with the advancement of the association.

Employees of the espresso head honcho Starbucks have the choice of acquiring higher instructive capabilities while they work. These employees likewise have the decision of taking up adaptable plans for getting work done that can oblige their different responsibilities.